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to be far removed from the problem. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in san mateo with, with this story. >> reporter: lots of people here in san mateo are surprised to hear about recent gang violenceane federal drug bust. san mateo police say they are aggressively pursuing gang members making several arrests this week of suspected teenage suspects. >> seen it in san francisco, stockton where i used to live but san mateo, no, never seen any hardcore gang violence here. >> reporter: jane moreno feels safe but police say gangs are operating on the peninsula. san mateo police shifted into high gear after a gang-related stabbing at the shoreview shopping center tuesday afternoon. and a gang-related beating not far from there the week before. >> in both cases they were serious gang cases. >> reporter: police made several arrests. recovering an ak-47 from a known san mateo gang member living in san leandro. >> that's a good example of the kind of firepower they have and what a serious matter this is in dealing with gangs, not only for san mateo, but throughout the county and the state. >> repo
have been asking for is already in the works, supervisor. san mateo county is not part of the bar special tax district. premium is placed on trips originating and terminating within those boundaries, including daily city. the 1-way fare from daly city to civic center bart station is $2.95. the same trip originating at balboa park is $1.75. recognizing this fare structure places an unfair burden on san francisco residents residing in the southern part of the city where the daly city bar connection is the most efficient, bart and mta have been -- had a fair agreement. this benefit provides free roundtrip travel to and from the daly city bart station on too many lines. the 28, 19th avenue, and the 54 which connect to the bart station a $4 value. bart reimburses the san francisco mta 50% of the cost of this transfer. the same benefit will be offered to customers on the 14 l mission line as soon as the service began. this is expected to be available on clipper and on a paper to part transfer ticket at first and transition solely to the clipper card. sfmta is participating in a working
environmental and recreational concerns and he felt that san mateo county was the best entity to do that with the city and county of san francisco. i questioned san mateo county to effectively go into such an agreement with the city because they're having their own. san mateo county is having its own difficulties getting its own golf courses within its jurisdiction. the popular course in san mateo county is one that has not seen a decrease in demand. it is one of the other golf courses that are not getting used very frequently. the san mateo county has had difficulty raising the funds to be able to manage its park system in the past two years. they have attempted to approve bonds for a couple of park measures in the county as -- and was not able to see this done successfully. the legislation for the alito -- bill letter expressed negotiations that were happening and this legislation would prevent that happening. it is not the case we have the ability to continue having dialogue and conversation with san mateo in ensuing months. the real thrust of this ordinance is to protect endange
into quiet neighborhoods. how police in san mateo are trying to put an end to the violence. >> in stockton i've seen it, not here. >> reporter: some people feel safe here. san mateo police shifted into a high gear after a gang-related stabbing at the shore view shopping center tuesday afternoon and a gang-related beating not far from there the week before. >> in both cases they were serious gang cases. >> reporter: police made several arrests, recovering an ak-47 from a known san mateo gang member living in san leandro. >> that's a good example of the kind of firepower they have and what a serious matter this is in dealing with gangs not only for san mateo but throughout the county and the state. >> reporter: the violence surprises brenna garcia. >> it didn't seem like a bad area. >> reporter: on wednesday, federal agents visited another san mateo neighborhood not known for crime. they recovered methamphetamine and cocaine. in an operation called honduran highway. neighbors who didn't want to talk on camera says the house has been robbed at gunpoint before. marino says while he feels safe, k
let's take a live look at conditions on the golden gate bridge. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. that camera is now stabilizing a little bit. they just got a big down for their. >>james: most of the moisture is in the north bay. that is where we are getting hit the hardest. we will close in and give you a closer look. in the east bay, a line of rain stretching down from a fairfield straight down over the delta and towards livermore and tracy. the south bay has been nice and dry. in the north bay, take a look, a lot of pockets of moderate-heavy rain near sonoma. for people in vallejo, fairfield and the vacaville, you just got done with a round of rain but you have more on the way in the next hour or so. the rain should dissipate by 10:00 a.m. and then we will start getting on the man with temperatures in the mid-upper 50s. and my next uptick, a second date-- another look at the 7 day around the bay. >>yoli: it seems like there are some delays happening because of the weather. it is really some of the arrival flights that it is from a nearby destinations. >>mark: this is th
:30. sunnyvale at 9:45. palo alto at 9:59. and san mateo at 10:22. it is very important to note that you cannot purchase those freedom train ride tickets from any of the stations. you must purchase them from brown paper tickets, come here to the san jose station to get your special tickets to get on the train to san francisco and it's going to be a lot of fun and activities as they commemorate the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. frank? >> very nice. lisa washington, live for us in san jose, thank you. >>> this is the first dr. king holiday since the opening of the mlk memorial on the national mall in washington, d.c. family members were on hand for a birthday celebration yesterday and more events are planned today. starting today, the king center imaging project is making 200,000 of the civil rights leaders' documents available online and he would have been 83 years old today. he was killed back in 1968 in memphis, tennessee. >>> since today is a federal holiday there are a number of closures you should know about. and they include federal and state courts and offices, city and c
: this is our first hot spot, an accident in san mateo on 101, the bayshore freeway northbound in the commute direction. given how light conditions are, drive times from redwood city and san francisco is likely to be normal or perhaps slightly better. there is no other slow traffic on the bayshore freeway. it could get worse for the ride on one of one northbound with a five car crash in the left- hand lane. that is our first hot spot of the morning. here's a quick bridge check. westbound there are no backups or delays, even with the metering lights on. on the golden gate avenue, 101 southbound, an easy ride through marin county. an easy trip across the golden gate. >>james: police raided the occupy protesters encampment. earlier this week police and city officials revoked their permit to put up btp on the plaza because they said protesters violated many of the permit conditions that went along with the the tipi such as no personal belongings. they found a sleeping bags and food. here is a live look outside. this time, a view from the roof camera. blue skies above san francisco. back with more
's start first, christian captain you are at the san mateo bridge, what is it like out there. >> we just arrived about 20 minutes ago in dahly city, you may not see it too much but take a look on at approach to san mateo bridge, you can see the cars and there are some rooster tails out here and there are plenty of wet roadways in the bay area and commuters will need to know there is still plenty of wind to contend with. they have issued a wind advisory this morning and those winds combined with wet roadways could lead to a messy commute and chp is warning drivers to leave more time on their way to work. up in daily city, the rain caused all kind of problems including on the on ramp 280 north into san francisco chp officers discovered a problem discovering two feet of standing water at the bottom of the want ramp. that officers cleared the drains and cal trans was called out and had to replace the asphalt and chp is telling drivers to watch out for similar problems elsewhere. >> it left the asphalt floating and when people kept driving over and over, it loosened it up and breaks it apart.
all over the bay area including the san mateo bridge and that traffic looks pretty good, driving on the san mateo bridge if you are driving it is pretty much the same if we have some pretty good conditions this morning. also the morning drive is looking good if you are driving on interstate 880 and both directions in san leandro and hayward. pittsburgh and bay point off to a good start, not even any slow traffic and remember maps change colors when you see slowed traffic and we don't see any of that right now. and heading to union city and fremont it looks good approaching the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. let's go to steve. >>> it is cold out there, man the mornings are cold. 40s and yesterday's system as advertised just went too far off the coast and it fell apart. there are some signs and forecast models are hinting at a change so we'll see if a change is headed this far south. some wind is picked up in east bay hills and there are clouds towards the santa clara valley and mostly clear, cold morning, hazy sunshine slightly warm, hazy sunshine. gusts about 40 which is nothin
westbound. we are at the time when the metering lights would normally be activated. the san mateo bridge ride is where you might be influenced by high winds. the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, no delays, and easy trip across the span and through marin county. on interstate 80, all of the freeways are moving well. a 10-11 minute drive time. speeds in the 70's and 60's for your trim down to the lower east sure freeway. it's the role these alpha-. there is still no slowing on the south a freeways. " but >>mark: here is a live look at high at candlestick park as we get ready for the big game. we are watching the rain. half thick slice some of the 17th presidential debate was he did last night and shows how crucial the south carolina primary is for republican presidential hopeful theory if newt gingrich started out by blasting the moderator for opening the debate with claims and said he asked his second wife for an open marriage. >> the story is false. every personal friend who knew of sets the story is false. a key part of not interested because they want to attack any republican. >>mar
is considering asking san mateo county voters to approve a sales tax increase to help cut down the deficit. increased ridership gave cal train a 25% increase in revenues last year. the agency still faces an operating deficit. cal train will conduct surveys in the coming months to see if voters in san mateo county would approve a sales tax increase. another idea on the table is for a sales increase in all three counties served by cal train. that would be santa clara, san mateo, and san francisco. >>> 6:06. if you haven't been out there is fog this morning. it's effecting the commute and sal is checking on things now. >> yes. as a matter of fact we do have some breath busy commutes out there. no major problems. this is highway 4. you can see highway 4 traffic is moving along pretty well and the fog is not here in contra costa county. so if you are driving in this area at least you don't have to deal with poor visibility. if you are driving far you might have to deal with fog as you get closer toward the inner core of the bay. let's take a lack at the foggy bay bridge. foggy bay bridge toll p
a little extra time. high winds reported on the san mateo bridge. once again, macwith world convention, mosconey -- macworld mosconey center. howard between third and fourth is closed again today. >>> san francisco's sheriff will spend another weekend without seeing his wife and son and he's not happy. a judge in mirkarimi's domestic violence case read damaging e-mails out loud in denying mirkarimi's request to lift a restraining order. abdulmutallab is live at the hall of justice. >> reporter: -- ross mirkarimi walked out of the courtroom very upset. the prosecution did read e-mails from his wife as they argued to keep the order in place. the judge decided in favor of the prosecution. in the e-mails, they were sent to ivory madison, she is the neighbor who called police about the possible abuse. january 2nd, lopez wrote to madison, i'm frayed of everything right now. i would just like to run away. in another e-mail that lopez wrote while in l.a., she said she was worried about leaving her son in mirkarimi's care. that he was not feeding him and leaving him in the car vomiting. the jud
: that is the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge is looking a little bit better. >>james: the fog is beginning to lift and break up. the fog is getting smaller and smaller the areas of yellow, orange and red. it looks like right there at the bay bridge toll plaza we are starting to get on the cause of a half mile or 1 mi. visibility. and going into 7:00 a.m. the fog is beginning to break up. that is the weather and wind. here is where we see temperatures falling right now. here's a look at current temperatures. slightly warmer conditions for people in the santa rosa. 67 there, 65 in nevada. we could flirt with 70 degrees for a handful of locations. >>mark: more on the fog. >>jackie: things have gotten better. when i got here a half an hour ago you could barely see more than a quarter of a mile. now it is starting to break up the. if you're driving in the bay area, it looks like sunshine on the way. >>george: this is the metering lights backups. traffic is moving well to the bridge. when you look at the opposite side it has pushed the backup beyond the 880 over crossing. again, it is not becau
with no problems for your commute to the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge books good as well. over on the golden gate, a look at your ride on highway one allman northbound and southbound, that is a problem free with no delays to or from the golden gate bridge over the wall of raider were coming up from the oil drive. in the easily it is to lay free for eastbound, 680 south of, was down 4, was down 24. the south bay freeways, just a little but of all low limit traffic on tv northbound. the ride on 101 looks great through san mateo and burlingame. the north bay ride is delay free for 101 southbound from nevada and highly 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 6:08 a.m., decision 2012. the results are in from the iowa caucuses. mitt romney nearly to lead beating rick santorum by just eight votes last night. if romney congratulated his opponent it's a made a tall tree. santorum and ron fall. he said their campaigns in iowa locarno's. >> this has been terrific. i think that here in the heartland is, we have all been campaigning to restore the heart and soul of the nation. this went
will be a factor. >>> that map you just showed, less than a quarter mile in san mateo. thick fog for the bridges. they all have fog advisories. we'll send it back to you. >>> an east bay community is ringing in the new year with the reality of the same problem. some residents say they want to take their streets back. candles were lit for 5-year-old gabriel martinez jr. he was shot and killed friday night at 55th and international outside his father's taco, his father, choking back emotion, explained what happened. we apologize. we're attempting to get that sound from the father. police say they have very few leads in the murder. a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information. >>> still more questions than answers. police say the woman killed in friday night attack. they say the girlfriend is the main suspect in the murder. they lived together. she is currently on vacation in puerto rico. police will not say why ivan was at her daughter's are still trying to deal with the heinous crime. it's horrifying. not good news. >> she is a nurse who came from somalia in 1986. she was covered in bloo
with the chp, it's in effect for the san mateo bridge. more on that but i wanted to give you a look at interstate 80 westbound, that big rig accident mike was talking about. that caused a huge backup near gilman overnight. i was stuck in that not moving for about 25 minutes on my way in. that just cleared up. there was also an accident eastbound, lots of water standing on the freeways this morning, back to that advisory, it also includes the dumbarton and the richmond/san rafael bridges, travel not advised for higher profile trucks and campers. the rain is on again and off again. the winds 20 to 25 miles per hour. tahoe, the word is chains on 80 and 50. i got off the phone with the chp saying considering all of the weather we had it really hasn't been that bad but certainly something to keep in mind. it's wet and wild this morning as you head out the door. reporting live near the bay bridge, i'll send it back to you guys. >> in fact, winter storms are blamed for the death of a ranger at yosemite national park. 27-year-old ryan hiller was killed when strong winds blew down a tree on
tomorrow through monday. >>> new accident just reported in the san mateo county area. sounds like a bad crash on highway 92 westbound 92, west of 280. apparently, they are saying it is a head-on collision. they are going to be senting emergency crews to the scene. you can see this it looks like we are picking up a little slowing already on westbound 92, this is towards half moon bay but right near that 280 interchange. we'll keep you posted could be a possible hot spot for the morning. although, most commuters on 92 will be heading eastbound. elsewhere, still quiet, live shot of the oakland maze looking good, west y traffic heading to the bay bridge, no delays at the toll. -- 280 and highway 17 in san jose fine, you might find roadwork on highway 17 scheduled in both directions between summit and los gatos until 6:00 this morning. i wanted to show you the waze traffic maps, everything looking good on 880 it was a hot spot yesterday because of several accidents. we have someone there on the abc7 news pick spotter group they are moving well over -- 40 miles an hour. you can be a part of t
with gianna. >> we actually have fog advisories for our bay area bridges including the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, and the benicia bridge, carquinez bridge, as well. so use caution. limit visibility this morning. we'll get you a live shot of the bridges in a few minutes. no accidents, lots of fog. >> visibility with the fog less than a quarter mile in some parts of the bay area but by the afternoon that's long gong. temperatures heating you want. the best day of the week, 70 tomorrow afternoon, cooling off into thursday. temperatures heating up. state dry into the weekend. just getting it going. >> can't push it to 70 yet? >> getting close. might be couple of places that top out. >> thank you. >> republicans will cast their first ballots in the 2012 presidential election. susan mcginnis joins us from des moines as candidates plan to stump until the final hour. good morning. >>> reporter: just a few more hours left before the actual decisions are made tonight when folks start gathering at different areas and start the actual voting process. today is all about grabbing the undecided voters
in with the san mateo bridge, you see the tail lights out what foster city the bright lights coming towards you heading eastbound into hayward. south bound 101 has a lot of space in between cars. a quick check from the traffic map in the south bay shows that 101 is moving well. interstate 280 is currently accident free. if you are checking west bound or east bound to 37 in the yellow on your screen because of the overnight construction it indicates beats down to about 40 mi. per hour. >>james: thank you very much and the developing story we're following this morning it will be a tough day for city workers in oakland. more than 1000 will get pink slips and of that 250 could very well lose their jobs k. thompson explains why. >>reporter: hundreds of employees will be holding their breath on wednesday waiting to see if they're one of the 1500 city workers to get a preliminary pink slip meaning that they could be laid off by the end of the month. employees are very hesitant to discuss the layoffs. >> are people worried? >> yes i think they are. >>reporter: drink tough budget times the city decide
of a four-year-old san mateo boy are desperately try to find a bone marrow donor. his school is holding a meeting today. >> kyle crawford has aplastic anemia. it bone marrow doesn't produce enough red blood cells. >> it's not just anemia, it's white blood cells and platelets as well. he needs a complete new immune system. you do that through a bone marrow transplant. >> he has been in and out of the hospital since december 5th. he urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. his father is caucasian, his mother is chinese. that makes it a bigger challenge to find a donor. ruby is with the asian donor program. >> he will need a chinese and caucasian donor so it would be more difficult for him to find a perfect match. >> there will be two donor drives this month, one in san mateo the other at the haight-ashbury free clinic in san francisco. the process of finding a donor starts with a cheek swab test. the test is free and painless. donors must be between 18 and 60 years old. if a match is found, in most cases, stem cells are collected directly from the donor's blood. kyle's mother is encouragi
of san mateo as well as 101 close to 92. both the areas impacts by the viz map. hundreds of feet below quarter mile visibility. that's why we have a fog advisory issued for the san mateo bridge as well. fog tends to drift south over the course of the morning. >>> it's 5:01 now. we're learning new details in the bizarre machete murder in the normally quiet san jose neighborhood. a 65-year-old woman was attacked and killed in her daughter's home. marla tellez joins us live with the latest information. >> reporter: laura, good morning. we're at the main jail for santa clara county. this is where 40-year-old sagal sadig is locked aup. she's the main suspect in the gruesome death of yvonne kirk. she was killed friday with a large machete inside the home she shared can kirk's daughter. now according to sadig, the daughter is on vacation in puerto rico. >> seemed very nice. said she had a partner that lived with her. >> now, manema's facebook page says she works at goodwill of silicon valley. i've reached out to her for comment on facebook and good will. at this point investigators are not sa
, san mateo, san francisco and half moon bay everybody else mid to upper 30s clouds gather around the north bay as this next system draws near. right now high pressure holding it at bay and keeping the bulk of the energy to our authority this area of low pressure is going to slide towards us before it gets here high pressure holds dominant throughout today keeping us in that dry pattern. fast forward tonight into tomorrow low developing, sliding down mainly going to stay out near the coast the best chance of seeing any light rain will be at the coast, not much about 1/10 of an inch. everybody will be cooler tomorrow. temperatures mid to upper 50s along the coast low 60s for rest of us dry wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, upper 50s near 60 along the coast low to mid 60s for everybody else a great day. here's frances with an update. >> back to the east bay, overturned crash still blocking the left lane on the northbound 13 connector ramp to westbound 24. there are several chp, there is chp at the scene traffic a little slow northbound on 13 look out for that we'll keep
. >> over the next two starts, two marrow drives in san mateo and san francisco. >> you know, i hope somebody can step out of their comfort zone and be able to be giving. i know it's a lot to ask of somebody. it's time and effort on their part, but something that we can really appreciate and we would value so much. >> in san mateo, mark sayer, cbs 5. >> here's your chance. you can get more information about how you can help the crawford family. you can do it on our website. >> what does kim kardashian have to do with politics? she's the poster child who is using her to get to post a different way. >> bay area honey bee sts are dying off. >> she says her honda promised that the car would get 50 miles to the gallon, but it doesn't get near that. the new lawsuit that could change everything. ,,,, >>> california's high speed rail system has hit another speed bump. an independent review board says the plan is not financially feasible and the whole thing should be put on hold. the high speed rail peer review group says moving ahead could leave california taxpayers on the hook for bill
for the westbound bay bridge ride or in either direction of the san mateo. 92 looks great both ways. a quick look at a road sensors looking at the east a traffic. an alameda and contra costa county, no delays. there is no yellow's showing up in antioch or west concord. the south bay ride is completely delay free. no problems for 101 or 85. ha >>darya: was a developing story out of san francisco. this fire displaced about 10 people and damaged three buildings, injuring one person. the fire department is now investigating this as suspicious. may sonics street is where the fire broke out. after it is there a particular thing to note indicates suspicion and makes this a crime scene? >>will: is standard when multiple units are involved. the firefighters are monitoring the situation. they have their hoses running into one of the buildings just in case any hot spots flareup. it happened late last night. they are not sure which building, but by the time it was over, those three buildings were damaged. altogether, in these two homes people were told to leave. people were put into a hotel. >>will: fortunat
the san mateo bridge. i'm going on the incline, eastbound. fifth cloud cover fans visibility is worse here than any other place. faja attention to the headlights. that shows you how foggy. is. people are hitting their tail lights, there breaks for no reason. the speed is not as fast as it normally would be. >>darya: there was a memorial for the little boy gunned down in oakland. of gabriel cortines and here was with his family in front of their talk of a truck that they own on international boulevard when a man walked up, ordered a taco, started eating an open fire. people at the vigil said they are disgusted with the violence in east oakland. >> and that is the third baby within four months. it really hurts. it really burns me to say that a coward could do something like this. >> that little boy was as old as our youngest goddaughter. god bless the child. >>darya: the father of a little boy was at the vigil. a $25,000 reward is being offered but no arrests have been made. >>james: and southern california we're learning more about the man accused of setting dozens of fires. authorities in
. >> there will be two marrow drives for kyle in both san mateo and san francisco. >> you know, i hope somebody can step out of their comfort zone and be willing to be giving. i know it's a lot to ask. it's time and effort on their part, but something that we can really appreciate and we would value so much. >> in san mateo, mark sayer, cbs 5. >>> well you can get more information about how you can help the crawford family on our own website at >>> it sounds like it's something out of a horror movie. why bay area honey bees are being turned into zombies and dying off. >> honda promised her to get 50 miles per the gallon. a new lawsuit that could change everything. >>> surveying the snow, but not much to measure. why district levels are not panicking. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, un
in the crash. he was able to walk away unscathed. elsewhere, out toward the san mateo bridge and show you what is going on the bridges. pretty quiet stuff. a nice start to the morning commute. no issues in either direction across the span. the mass transit is running on time. that's traffic. for an update on the chance of rain, here is lawrence. >> i'm thinking of a chance of sprinkles near the coastline. that's about it, folks. as the system really is a swing and a miss along the coastline. the low is sitting off the coast and carry a lot of the clouds and moisture with it. we will see more clouds throughout the day today. and this is probably the best chance that we will see any rainfall. maybe for the next week. maybe two. as it looks like most of the energy is going to continue to stay off the coast. and it temperatures right now, chilly in spots. and freezing in fairfield. 31 in napa. and 30 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in san francisco. and it looks like by the afternoon the highs should be running in the 50s coast side and low 60s much of the bay area. it doesn't look ike a good chance of
. the san mateo bridge ride is good with lighter than usual traffic. in easy trip for 101 marin county. look at how like the traffic is off coming southbound across the golden gate. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside from the mt. tam cam theory the wind is picking up. where >>darya: and demand are in jail after a bank robbery in san jose. as they tried to make a getaway, they crashed their car. that accident set off a chain of events that included the shutdown of highway 85 for about five hours. they told police that they had a bomb in their car. kate thompson has the story. kate >> in san jose, two men were arrested after robbing it is america and then fled. fed their car crashed on highway 85 off setting off a chain of events that included the highly being shut down for five hours. fast a nearby neighborhood was evacuated and a high school was shut down. the bomb squad was called to the scene because it was believed that there was an explosive device in the car. half that is why the highway was shut down for so long. fe device was detonated
will leave the san jose station at 9:30 it will stop at sunnyvale, palo alto and san mateo on the way to san francisco. a march beginning at 11 from the cal train station to the mlk celebration. there will be a series of day long activities at the center to mark king day. >>> federal, state, courts and -- offices will be closed. banks and post offices will be closed. bart and community will operate on a saturday schedule with ac transit on a sunday schedule. parking me tears in san francisco, will be enforce -- meters in san francisco will be enforced city wide. >> the 49ers will play in the nfc championship game for the first time in 14 years. san francisco won a thriller saturday against the new orleans saints coming didn't to the wire. the stage is now set for the 9ers to host the giants in the nfc title game next sunday. if we win we go on to the super bowl. 9er fans like their chances. >> you never discount home field advantage and we've already beaten the giants, [ inaudible ] probably better chance at the super bowl. >> sunday's game at the stick begins 3:30. tickets go on sale offici
forward to that. right now windy conditions posted for the san mateo pilgrimage and the bay bridge, traffic -- san mateo bridge and the a pilgrimage. >> did he said it was going to be colder tomorrow? >> yes. are you ready? >> no, but i hope you are. 5:01 on this monday morning the martin luther king holiday, thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >>> i'm kristen sze fans are scrambling for tickets to the nfc game at candlestick park after two amazing finishes in playoff games over the weekend. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: good morning it is cold out here and it is dark. it is as if you can feel the victory still radiating off of candlestick park. i don't have to tell you the 49ers won saturday. maybe equally as important, the giants won sunday. of course that means the 9ers get to play at home again this coming sunday. you want tickets? maybe a dumb question. don't come here to the park. ticketmaster is the only place talk tickets that begins wednesday. season ticket holders can start purchasing tickets at 10 a.m.. the general public at 1 in the afternoon. no more than four ti
'll talk about the rain for next week. >>> good morning. a large plastic tub reported on the san mateo bridge westbound. hopefully it won't cause delays. we'll track that for you. [ inaudible ] >>> all kinds of interesting things on the roads this morning. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a livermore math teacher will be in court tomorrow to face charges of having a six month sexual relationship with one of her underaged students. amy hollyfield is live at granada high. a popular social game app has a role in this? >> reporter: yes. they were playing words with friends. officials here at the school are the ones who called police when they caught wind there was possibly an inappropriate relationship going on. she was a math teacher here at the -- the boy was within her students. 40-year-old marie johnson core responded with the boy -- core responded with the boy through text messages, facebook and playing words with friends. police believe she was having sex with him between december and may of last year. >> there is 24 counts that range from sexual intercou
drive will take place on saturday between 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. the school on clear view way in san mateo. >> this 4-year-old's bone marrow doesn't produce enough new blood cell autos this means he's not producing any blood cells this is platelets as well. >> he has been in and out of the hospital since december 5th, he needs a bone marrow transplant. his father is making it a bigger challenge to find a donor. the agency american donor program. >> in this case he's a mixed race, chinese caucasian. likely will need a chinese caucasian donor, it makes it more difficult to find a perfect match. >> there will be two donor drives for him this month. one in san mateo. another at haight-ashbury free clinic. process starts with a cheek swab that is free and painless. they must be between 18 and 60 years old fchl there is a match found stem cells are collected directly from the blood. kyle's mother is encouraging people to join the bone marrow rej stri some will say i can't imagine. you know? i think parents can imagine what this would be like. >> and now, the family has a web site that is kyle ne
. this week we will see some big changes. right now it is all clear at the san mateo bridge. far pfft focus is if >>justine: is a huge fire, a structure fire at the administrative building that the conical phillips refinery. about 125 firefighters are on the scene. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fifth look at the bottom of your screen, how many of those emergency crews and firefighters are there. i have been watching these live pictures. i will keep you updated as soon as new information comes in. there is cold weather setting our directions and mixing in with moisture off of the pacific. it looks like maybe on wednesday will start to see the first bits of rain and then it becomes more intense and those bay area wide, thursday, friday and into the weekend. this afternoon's temperatures will be better but still pretty cool. 52 will be the high in oakland and redwood city. all of those locations maxilla at 52. here is your 7 day around the bay. there rain looks like it will start in the north bay wednesday evening and then bay area wide overnight
ride is across the san mateo bridge, an easy ride. no problems on the approach or across the stand. an easy trip as the header across the golden gate and into san francisco. >>darya: new details this morning, police say the man who stabbed his 15 year-old girlfriend has died. a preliminary investigation by oakland police to find that not the 19 year-old committed suicide by hanging himself. they found his body near the port of oakland on saturday. they say that he killed his 15 year-old girlfriend on friday. she was also the mother of their nine month old child. they got into a heated argument over who was going to care for the baby over the weekend. >>mark: facebook could file an initial paperwork to launch their stock market offerings tyrian they would be looking to raise $10 billion in the company is valued near 100 billion, that is as large as mcdonald's. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. there is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. oakland is 47 degrees with a high of 63 this afternoon. >>mark: mitt romney is on the offensive despite a significan
on the san mateo bridge, the westbound commute still looks good. again, the right side of the screen is the westbound commute direction. traffic is moving smoothly. interstate 80 westbound as you work your way from hercules to the lower east shore freeways, as speeds are popping up in the '60s. it is still a pretty good ride for the lower east shore freeway and the upper east shore freeway. this out a freeway's look good with green showing on the roadway sensors. the north bay ride through marin county is still the way free. no problems for your trip down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: of new this morning, parents are camping out to get their kids into school in santa clara. registration starts this morning. there are only 120 coveted spots available. these parents want to get their kids in. craig skalar is out there with these parents who feel it is worth waiting. why? >> they think this whole is worth it and it is in their neighborhood. dupont peace >>mark: disturbing images have a surface on need to, it appears to be marines urinating on corpses of television and fighters. af
. when you take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that really tells the story. on the san mateo bridge, it is a pretty good ride. looking at the traffic maps you will see the right looks good. the westbound 80 ride is a 11 minute drive time. the commute out of the alta month has is a problem free. it's 16 minutes from the 2 of 5 out to dublin and castro valley. the south bay freeways are delayed free and problem free. >>darya: take a look at these flames. 10 people are homeless because of this fire that started in one home and damaged trees buildings. look at all of the firefighters that showed up. here is what one of the witnesses and the fire chief had to say. will tran has been talking to people about this fire on masonic avenue. is it is suspicious? >>will: we're talking about multiple units. in that building, that building and about one was partially damaged. they believed it might have started in one unit of because they are attached, that made the fire spread more quickly. the fire department is still here to monitor the situation just in case any hot spots flareup began. >>dary
but foggy conditions continuing through there. san mateo bridge has a fog advisory this morning. getting better. we are making out a few more cars out there on the road but that fog advisory is in effect until further notice. jumping to the maps, couple of other bridges to look out for. the bay bridge, benicia bridge, carquinez bridge, all under a fog advisory as well as the golden gate bridge. the south bay though not too bad. no delays on 280, 101 or 880/237 through milpitas. if you don't want to deal with the fog, use mass transit. everything is on time this morning. lawrence has your forecast. >> a lot of fog around the bay area this morning. gianna that's the main story early on. but by the afternoon it's all about the sunshine and the warm temperatures beginning to show up outside. high pressure now building in very nicely into the bay area. and that means we have a few clouds out there right now. visibilities down to an 8th of a mile in the livermore valley but once that begins to lift we'll see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. 45 in concord. 48 san francisco. 42 san jose. thi
the time when the metering lights would normally be activated. your ride on the san mateo bridge has no problems on the approach and no problems across the stand. looking at the traffic maps you will see some of conditions for interstate 80, interstate 680, south bay freeways are still delay free and to the north bay ride looks good for 101 coming out of novato headed south to the golden gate bridge. public transit is still joining a delay free morning. >>darya: funeral services will be held today for the fight for a boy who was shot and killed in oakland last week if if the funeral will be at the st. elizabeth's church in oakland. carol martinez was shot and killed standing in his family's talk a truck. he was just a few feet away from his father when he was hit with the gunfire and taken to hospital where he died. there have been no arrests made in the there has been no motive. he is the third child to die from gunfire in oakland since all this. the funeral will be today for fremont mayor bob wasserman. it will be held at the harbor light trucks. he died last week at the age of 77.
: traffic is moving slowly into the toll plaza. of the san mateo bridge is an equally good ride with no problems either eastbound or westbound. definitely heavier volume on the westbound side. a quick check on the golden gate shows an easy trip across the stand. that reflects an easy ride through marin county on 101 southbound. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. a live look outside. clouds, fog and drizzle on the golden gate with traffic moving smoothly. >>mark: a new details in the case against ross mirkirimi, the assistant d.a. is alleging the sheriff kept his wife in the house and she could not tell police that he physically abused her. the claim, while arguing that video of his life should be allowed into evidence the prosecution says the video shows a conversation he had it with a neighbor and alleges she left the house while margaret mead was showering. the sheriff's the defense attorney calls the latest allegations absurd. >>darya: 6:12 a.m., we are back with more in a couple minutes. do not go away. offs sphere if fan >>darya: we
:00. >>> first san francisco, sen san jose, now cities in san mateo county appear to be next in the move to ban plastic bags. several cities have joined a working group formed by san mateo county to study a plastic bag ban. the county wants to get as many cities as possible to join the group. it plans to draft a law in two weeks that will likely resemble the ban that took effect in san jose january 1st. the group will talk about doing an environmental study on a ban. penalties for businesses that don't comply and how much to charge customers who need to use paper bags. >>> from bags to babies. there's been a major spike in the number of multiple births. even here we have four sets of multiples. that includes brett and laura's triplets. >> adorable. the birth rate has been multiplying for three decades and we're getting a good look at why. >> reporter: babies are being born two at a time now more than ever. about one in every 30 newborns has a twin brother or sister. a new report from the centers for disease control shows the twin birth rate has risen 76% since 1980. women are waiting longer to
, concord, livermore, san jose, around half moon bay, san mateo oakland upper 30s to 44 san francisco 38 in san rafael not as widespread the frost tonight because of high clouds coming in ahead of this nexus them going to take the better part of -- the next system that going take the better part of -- most of tomorrow increase in clouds and mild temperatures off the pacific this is going to be a warm core system these are warm air invection rains that come in spread south all of us dealing with rain tomorrow or thursday morning's commute into the evening then this high pressure moves out of the way and we'll see an increase in the rain friday morning into the afternoon hours. friday night into saturday we taper, get a break as that system moves on. the next system gets loaded with moisture over the pacific moves in saturday all the way through sunday we may see a tapering of the rain in time for the game sunday. another system will come in behind that for monday. you can see once the floodgates are open, we are going to get a lot of rain and a lot of snow in the see rather. >>> westbound
to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving well. the san mateo bridge ride is smooth and easy coming out of hayward and foster city just 14 minutes from an end to end. as we take a live look at conditions at the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 no problems for visit-- visibility. and so far so good for ac transit. >>justine: we have new details this morning after a homeless man is now to use of sexually assaulting a teenage tourist in san francisco. police catch the suspect 18 year old christopher duttell in the act. they say he is known in that area. >>reporter: the you see a lot of homeless? >> yes, that is all there is. >>reporter: fishermans wharf is home to plenty of homeless like the 18 year- old man that was arrested for sexually assaulting a female to risk. a quick tour shows homeless people on every block. the attack happened outside the headquarters of the longshoremen's union and members say they have seen the suspects sleeping nearby on benches and homeless in general are a major issue. >>pam: we did have this problem with a lot of the homeless they seem to urinate, defec
:00 hour, both the bay bridge and the san mateo bridges got advisories and just in the past hour, fog advisories for the carquinez bridge, martinez benicia and richmond/san rafael bridge bridges. so please be very careful. to tell us more about how traffic conditions are this morning, let's send it back to elizabeth. i think i see elizabeth through the fog. >> that's right. it is hard to see a lot of our traffic cameras this morning. but we have not seen any major accidents. that's the good news. so it appears the drivers are slowing down going the speed limit or below. so here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. obviously it's very thick. we just -- it was a little hard to see but we saw a lane change a few minutes ago so right now everything is open. for a while only one northbound lane was open for overnight roadwork. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. very thick across the span. as gil mentioned, just about every bridge in the bay area is under a fog advisory. chp issued those very early this morning. so your drive time so far not impacted still about 13 minutes out
the road. expect a lot of company. highway 92, across the san mateo bridge, there is your direction heading to the peninsula and a smooth drive. no delays here or across the bay bridge. we do have a little congestion around the berkeley curve. speeds close to the limit from richmond to emeryville. we'll show you the approach out of the altamont pass. a little slowing there. 19 minutes the bulk of the slowing into livermore and speeds on average about 40 through livermore, pleasanton in the 50s. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:18 now. san francisco mayor ed lee will break ground on a new cruise terminal in san francisco all in preparation for the upcoming america's cup. the mayor will be at the new james r. herman terminal. the terminal will be an 88,000 square foot, two-floor facility. the cup will be in 2013. it is expected to bring in millions of people and more than a billion to the bay area. >> some parents are complaining. the large us buses carry google employees to the mountain view headquarters but the buses stop in bike lanes, then workers fill up the sidewalk, that forces kids on bike
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